BLOCK is a Canberra based biannual creative writing and arts journal showcasing new works by emerging talents. We publish short fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, comics, photography and art. The journal can be found at Smith’s Alternative Bookshop, Paperchain, Dalton’s, Impact and the Co-op Bookshop in Canberra, and Sticky in Melbourne.
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Say hello to Burley


If you are here looking for somewhere to be published, or to find some cool stuff to read, try Burley, a brand new literary journal for Canberra writers and readers.

We're back...

A while ago, a guy named Bill was feeling a bit wistful and asked, 'What’s in a name?' A couple of years later, two young editors are asking the same question.

Next year, we’re launching a new journal that'll offer publishing opportunities for writers, artists, poets and essayists from the ACT and surrounds. The first thing we need, though, is a name, and that's where you come in.

Think of a name for the new journal - a Canberra reference, a catchy quip, a memorable line, or a pithy word - and (aside from the immortality that'll be yours) we'll give you a copy of each issue as they're published. So, get your thinking caps on and tell us: what's in a name?

Flick your suggestions to Patrick and Cara at by               1 December 2011. 

Keep an eye out for our call for submissions and new website soon.

Block 11 Launch

Hey Blockers

The wait is almost over!  

We will be launching the final issue of our little journal at the brilliant Smith's Alternative Bookshop on March 3. Block 11 features some of Canberra's finest emerging writers and artists, so come along and meet them over wine and cupcakes!

When: March 3, 6pm

Where: Smith's Alternative Bookshop, 76 Alinga St, Civic

 Hope to see you there!

Block 11: Submissions Open

With Block 10 fresh off the presses and ready to hit the streets, it's time to start thinking about Block 11!

We're looking for short stories, poetry, essays, art and comics. All works must be original and unpublished.

Please send your submissions to by 1 October 2010.

For full submission guidelines and where to find the journal, please visit our website.

The Editors

Block 10 Launch


Block 10 will be launched on 31 August 2010, 6pm, at Smith's Alternative Bookshop, 76 Alinga St, Civic.  Come along for poetry, wine and birthday cake!


The Editors


It's almost here: Block 10.

 We've been hard at work, juggling stories, poems and writings of yours, and we're almost ready to publish: just a couple of things left to do before we take it to the printers and bring it to a bookshop for you, our precious readers, to read and fawn over.

 So watch this space - Block 10, coming very very soon!

BLOCK 10 - Submissions Open

Uh huh, you heard it - Block 10. Ten! So grown up, it's enough to bring a tear to the eye.

Instead of baking us a cake or buying us a present, we'd love you to send us your poems, stories, comics, art and essays!

Send us your stuff by 1 May 2010, we can't wait to read it!

Send to:

And please refer to our submissions guidelines (thanks!).

Block 9 Launch



The gorgeous new issue of Block has arrived. To celebrate Block 9, we'll be launching it in style with live music, readings from the journal, cupcakes, wine and very special guest speaker, Susan Hampton. 

Submissions closing soon! (And some short story recommendations)

Don't forget, Blockers - the submissions deadline for Block 9 is Friday, September 18th.  That's this Friday!  We'd love to see some more creative work sent in; give us your short fiction, non-fiction, poetry, comics, and art!  See the submissions link above for details and guidelines.So, the other point of this post is to talk about what I've been reading, since you asked so nicely.                                                                    

BLOCK 9: Submissions Open

BLOCK 9 is now open for submissions! We want our ninth issue to be a great summer read, full of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, comics and art, so send us your best stuff!

Email submissions to by Friday 18 September 2009.

Please refer to our submission guidelines before submitting.